Maduixa CNC CNC Cyclone [Máquina/Fresadora CNC]

Complete kit for 3D printing. Volume [200x200x180mm] Methacrylate frame. 2 filament coils 1 kg each of GIFT.

MaduixaCNC is a kit for mounting yourself a CNC milling machine 3 axis.

  • The components are as accessible and affordable as possible. With affordable we mean that (ideally) components are easy to get anywhere in the world. Thus, DM MaduixaCNC wood used for the structure, printable 3D parts and common hardware for assembly. Use NEMA17 step Arduino based electronics and engines.
  • You can milling, machining, drilling, screen print, burn PCBs, drawing and cutting, among others. Everything depends on how you set up and the tool you use.
  • Support to use any tool. a Dremel, a drill, a laser or to a marker may be used.
  • It is open source, released under GPL v3.0 license. So it can be played anywhere in the world without patent problems. And besides, anyone can participate by contributing improvements, changes or derivative works. We hope your improvements!


Some technical features of the MaduixaCNC are:
530x505x410mm (without tool)
Milling (wood, acrylic, wax, PCBs ...), machining, drilling, drawing, cutting, among others
Labor force
depends on the power of the tool used. The NEMA17 motors have a "torque" of 5 kg / cm
Free displacement 200 mm / min, milling 50 ~ 100 mm / min, Machining ~ 20mm / min
Layer height 
Structure DM wood 16mm, printed pieces in PLA,  LM8UU y 608ZZ bearing, NEMA17 motors.
Electronic Part Arduino mega 2560, RAMPs v1.4, drivers pap DRV8825. Power 220V AC, 12V 20A (240W).

Marlin firmware preconfigurado. Entorno recomendado: f-engrave + pronterface.
Formatos: DXF/GCODE.
Sistemas operativos: Linux, Windows XP o superior, MAC OS X o superior

Interfaces USB B type
Documentation Source code, 3d model, manual [spanish] and firmware. Documentation will be send to the client email.
Weight: 9315.12 g
Please note the following:
  • This product is a kit. You must be mounted machine yourself. assembly instructions included in Spanish and photos.
  • The tool is not included. So you need a dremel, a laser or tool you intend to use.
  • This is experimental technology, open source, and the project is still in development.
  • We offer "as is" product and we can not ensure that the level of performance will meet expectations you may have.
In addition to be able to decide, we want to help, so that not only the price is low, but we give the shipping costs.