43200 cm3 volume printing prototyping solve your problems forever.



Big Volume

Excelsior is a thought for the Industry, printer for that reason, has been created with an volume [360x400x300]


Quick Printing

Thanks to its strong structure , will allow you to print to faster speeds Print. The time is no longer an excuse.


Several Colors

With its double extruder , you may have made an impression with different colors , giving greater possibilities to your designs


Best user experience

Made by and for people with higher printing needs. We have endeavored to make the user experience is the best possible .


Printing Quality

Our goal with Excelsior is the ensure the best user experience, and one of the points is to offer the highest quality printing , with prints up to 0.08 mm





Hot Bed

With the hotbed, will have the opportunity to print in different materials, both ABS and PLA.

E3D-V6 Extruder

Excelsiors includes a E3D-V6 hotend that reach up to 300 grades celsius, allowing extruding any type of material, which is essential in industrial prototyping.

Doble Extruder [Opcional]

If you wish, you can incorporate a double extruder, able to draw your 3D design in two colors. Allowing you to be more creative.




CoreXY System

The CoreXY system helps the printer to have a higher printing speed, reducing the inertia through this mechanism.

Size [360x400x300]

Our printer contains a 360x400x300 volume printing.

Remote Printing[Opcional]

With remote printing, you could monitor your impression from your mobile phone or laptop at all times, avoiding being physically near the printer.

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